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We now have a vast amount of experience in the design and development of quality products for the industry, fishing, and boating. Our customers’ satisfaction has always been at the heart of every project, whether for industry or private individuals. We will pursue this course by always providing more effective products tailored to your needs.

of our legacy

AMIAUD’s DNA, a metalworking company from Vendée, is characterised by the will to offer the best at every step of our history. Its founder, Michel AMIAUD, firmly believed that a job well done guaranteed longevity, and we are perpetuating his legacy. Today, known and recognized as the leading manufacturer of fishing and boating equipment, AMIAUD is a testament to the recognition and respect for its work. We continue to perpetuate his commitment to quality and excellence.

reconnaissance michel amiaud

50 years
of transmission

The transmission of our expertise in metal transformation has always been at the heart of our concerns. We are proud to have employees who have been with the company for several decades and who train, support, and advise newcomers with passion and enthusiasm to meet the expectations of clients from various sectors, ranging from the nautical industry to broader industrial fields.


At AMIAUD, human relationships are at the heart of our projects. AMIAUD has always had strong family values, and we wish to perpetuate these with our collaborators, who thrive within our company.