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Discover our expertise through the testimonials of our clients. At AMIAUD, the design of our quality products and the building of lasting relationships are the foundations of our success as a manufacturer of nautical and fishing equipment.

Amiaud conceives its products as it does its partnerships: on a long term basis...over the long term...
This is essential for a pure player distributor like ourselves, subject to numerous and various competitive stakes.
Our collaboration with the Amiaud group has been of utmost quality over many years. The Amiaud Group has assisted the Pacific Pêche brand in its development, but also during its most difficult periods. Its management team is attentive to its customers' needs, and values a balanced customer-supplier relationship.
I would like to thank you once again in anticipation, for your availability. The whole team is delighted with the excellent start of our collaboration. You are a reliable and efficient partner, and obviously, I always include you in our consultations.