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A look at our evolution


AMIAUD, a metalworking company in Vendée, is taking initiatives to improve the company’s facilities and ensure a dynamic, secure, and sustainable future, both in the office area and for our industrial metalworking workshop !

Security and Sustainability: Concrete Actions as a Vendée Metalworking Company

The cleaning of the translucent panels and the asbestos removal from the roof, carried out in 2023, are crucial steps in this process. Indeed, cleaning the translucent panels has numerous benefits.

By optimizing the transmission of natural light, this initiative improves the lighting efficiency, thereby enhancing the excellence of our products available on AMIAUD PECHE. It also helps preserve the aesthetics of the premises and promotes a significant reduction in energy consumption.

AMIAUD’s Commitment: Priority to the Health and Safety of Our Employees

As for the asbestos removal from the roof, this initiative goes far beyond compliance with strict standards. It constitutes an essential preventive measure to ensure the health and well-being of employees.

By eliminating any risk associated with the presence of asbestos, AMIAUD, a professional in the nautical industry, not only ensures compliance with current regulations but also places the safety of its staff at the heart of its concerns.

This proactive approach reflects the company’s long-term commitment to responsible practices, thereby consolidating its reputation as a caring employer and environmental steward.

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