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The nautical equipment manufacturer is transforming its premises.


Over the next few months of this new year, AMIAUD, a nautical and fishing equipment manufacturer, is embarking on a major phase of its evolution with the refurbishment of its premises.

A New Era of Modernization for the Vendéen Nautical Equipment Manufacturer

A section of the warehouse dedicated to shipping, currently protected by tarps, marks the beginning of this transformation.

amiaud shipping works

This includes the creation of a brand new showroom. It will be designed to offer an immersive and innovative experience, enabling customers to discover the products available from AMIAUD PÊCHE (nautical equipment, fishing accessories, etc.) in a more engaging manner.

In addition to the showroom, other improvements are planned. Modern locker rooms will be installed for the comfort and convenience of the staff, especially those working in our industrial metallurgical workshop.

A new break room will also be set up, providing a space conducive to relaxation and exchanges among colleagues. Furthermore, reorganizations of the office spaces are planned to optimize the work environment and promote an atmosphere that supports creativity and collaboration.

As professionals in the nautical industry, these changes reflect our commitment to continuous improvement!

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