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Team Prostaff : The New Team


As Europe’s leading manufacturer of fishing equipment and accessories, AMIAUD is proud to announce the launch of its Amiaud Prostaff Team for the year 2024.

This group of ambassadors, merging passion and professionalism, contributes to the promotion of our product ranges available on AMIAUDPECHE, dedicated to fishing boat equipment.

Our ranges and products used by our PROSTAFF Team

These members ensure that every angler, whether amateur or professional, discovers the potential and quality of our equipment.

SEANOX : The Reference for Sea Fishing

The Seanox range, specially designed for sea fishing, stands out for its robustness and effectiveness in the most demanding marine conditions. It includes equipment and accessories such as rod holders, leaning posts, and electronic mounts, all designed to maximize the comfort and efficiency of sea anglers.

The Amiaud Prostaff 2024 uses these products in real conditions, demonstrating their superiority in various fishing scenarios.

seanox sea fishing image
image seanox équipement bateau pêche en mer

PIKE’N’BASS : The Range of Freshwater Equipment

Pike’N’Bass meets the needs of freshwater anglers. This brand offers a comprehensive range of products, including electronic mounts, bass boat accessories, and seats.

Approved and used by our Prostaffers, these products demonstrate flawless quality and performance, thus providing a rewarding and successful fishing experience.

pike'n bass freshwater fishing boat seat equipment image
Pike'n Bass freshwater fishing boat sonar pole equipment image

AMIAUDPECHE : The Range of Fishing Products and Accessories

Amiaudpeche, a range of fishing products and accessories ‘designed to last.’ We combine innovation and expertise to provide fishing enthusiasts with reliable and sturdy products and accessories tailored to their needs, with a special focus on durability.

amiaudpeche accessories image
amiaudpeche accessories image

HAYABUSA : The Partner Range of Hooks and Lures

Recognized worldwide, the Japanese brand Hayabusa, which we exclusively distribute in France, specializes in hooks and lures featuring high-end finish and quality for formidable effectiveness.

Our Prostaff team uses these hooks and lures daily to demonstrate their superior effectiveness during fishing sessions.

Hayabusa fishing image
Hayabusa fishing image

EYELEVEL : The Partner Range of Polarized Sunglasses

Eyelevel offers a wide range of polarized sunglasses for fishing that help reduce the reflection of rays on the water and provide better visibility of fish.

It complements our range with products that combine style, comfort, and protection. Members of the team are equipped with these glasses, ensuring perfect visibility during their fishing activities.

Eyelevel polarized sunglasses image
Eyelevel polarized sunglasses image

AMIAUD – Team Prostaff: Our Commitment to Excellence

As a professional in boating and fishing, AMIAUD does not merely sponsor fishing talents; we commit to providing the best possible equipment for every type of angler. By promoting our own brands and distribution lines, we reaffirm our commitment to quality, innovation, and performance.

Follow our Prostaffers on their adventures to discover how our products can transform a fishing experience

team prostaff AMIAUD 2024 Samuel ELGRISHI
team prostaff AMIAUD 2024 Nicolas GIMENEZ
team prostaff AMIAUD 2024 Nicolas DUBREAU
team prostaff AMIAUD 2024 William BORDGINON et Christophe MARTIN
Christophe MARTIN
team prostaff AMIAUD 2024 Vincent ROLLET
Vincent ROLLET
team prostaff AMIAUD 2024 Romain FERRIER
AMIAUD 2024 Nicolas CASANO
Nicolas CASANO
AMIAUD 2024 Benjamin CLAVEAU
Benjamin CLAVEAU
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