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Vendée Metalworking: The New Machines


AMIAUD EQUIPEMENT is delighted to present to you the new machines from our metalworks, designed to meet new expectations and improve the customer experience by strengthening our machine fleet. Our expertise and know-how allow us to work with various sectors of industry. These new machines are ideal to meet the requirements of the nautical industry sectors and industry in general. They also allow the design of our own ranges of products available on AMIAUD PÊCHE.

Strengthening of bending and drilling units.

Therefore, we have reinforced our bending and drilling units with the installation of new machines.

Rotary bending machine : This is a powerful and precise electromechanical bending machine dedicated to bending tubes. The machine’s capacity is: Ø20 Rm60, Ø25 Rm75, Ø26.9 Rm78, Ø30 Rm90, Ø33.7 Rm100, Ø42.4 Rm127.2, Ø50 Rm150. The bending radii, optimal and consistent, do not deform the bent tubes in any way. However, a minimum tube thickness is required to avoid any deformation.

Pyramidal bending machine : The pyramidal bending machine, with its three electrically powered feeding rollers, allows for the quick creation of large bending radii on tubes and profiles. Its features make it a high-quality and very reliable machine. We are equipped with standard rollers for the following tube diameters: Ø20, Ø25, Ø30, Ø33.7, Ø42.4, Ø50.

Tube notcher : This machine is used to notch tubes, allowing for their joining. It can be used both vertically and horizontally, with a notching angle variable from 30 to 90°. The machine’s capacity ranges from Ø16 to Ø76.

Column drill press : The machine’s capacity is : steel drilling Ø32, steel tapping M22. The fixed column drill press allows for precise and repetitive drilling tasks. It consists of a column with a sturdy base and a worktable. It also enables precise and repetitive drilling, tapping, and milling tasks. The machine’s capacity is: steel drilling Ø32, steel tapping M22.

Métallerie Vendéenne - Parc Machine - Ateliers métallurgiques

Meeting the industry’s demands as a metalworking shop.

These new machines are designed to meet the requirements of the nautical industry and other industrial fields. They reinforce our high-performance machine fleet, including laser cutting, chemical surface treatment, mechanical polishing, as well as folding, drilling, flow, bending, threading and welding units.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain quotes concerning these different skills carried out in our metallurgical workshop in Vendée.

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